Why people like us

Pix n Giggles started making memories December 2011.  Sure Photo Booths were popping everywhere, but we wanted to make our business unlike any other.  We wanted to offer the best of everything!  including a state-of-the-art booth you see today! 

It took a year to select just the right booth.  When we found it, we asked the manufacturer make the panels white instead of the traditional black.  It truly was the first ever white photo booth.  Since then they have sold as many white booths as they do black. 

An enclosed space was also important to us as people need privacy to feel safe making silly faces. But the beauty of our photo booth is that we can remove the curtain and have the Open Air experience. Large groups?  No problem!  The curtain allows for the immediate expansion to accommodate everyone! 

Our camera had to be a professional grade Canon T2i.  Most photo booths were installing webcams.  The Canon takes the clearest, most pristine photos in the industry today.  It also allows us the ability to zoom and capture 2 to 20.  When day turns to night we can adjust our ISO keeping the color balance spot on.

When it came to designing the photo strip we set our sights on nothing short of it blending perfectly with your theme.  Our design skills far surpass the others when it comes to matching your colors, textures and fonts.  We strive to make the keepsake an extension of you and the vision you had for your event.

The props were a big deal to us.  Your guests should have a huge variety of quality props to choose from and not have bend over and pull from a box on the ground.  Most prop boxes have fewer than 10 props that end up in every photo.  Creativity is key and makes the booth fun! This is why we've invested in a plethora of fantastic props and proudly display them on a table.  We may even switch a few out as the night goes on, keeping your guests fully entertained.

Last but not least, the ONE thing that sets our business apart from all the rest is the fact that we don't limit the prints.  How "not fun" is it when a group of four must choose who does and doesn't keep a copy of the memory they all made together???   That's why we are also the first photo booth to offer EVERYONE a copy of their moment in the booth at no extra charge!  That's right, if 6 people are in the photo then we print 6 copies!

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