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Pix n Giggles is the premier Lake Arrowhead photo booth rental service located right here, in Lake Arrowhead! We are featured throughout the year at Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa weddings and Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins weddings.  Read on to see why we are the

best wedding photo booth in Lake Arrowhead!

Rebecca ~

The photo booth is about as good as they come. The actual booth itself is professional looking and REAL (as opposed to those booths made from PVC pipe or just 'backdrops' with or without curtains) The amount of props they bring is phenomenal- we're talking an entire 6 foot long table full of signs, frames, hats, glasses, lips, 'staches- you name it! You can fit a ton of people in it and they print as many prints as you need- one for everyone in the group! There is no limits on how many times you can go in or how many prints- they just replace the ink if they run out! One last thing that I LOVED about the photo booth was we got a flash-drive at the end of the night before they left with ALL the copies of the pictures on it. It was the first pictures/memories we had from our wedding that we enjoyed looking through with family the next morning!


Cara ~

The photo booth at our wedding was a complete hit with our guests! Everyone from grandparents to cousins to friends had a blast posing in the booth with all the fun props (a table packed full of hilarious, fun props). I don't think the booth got a break all night. Yet, the props always looked in order and we never saw the table get cluttered (it always looked photo ready) even with all the use they got. We got a ton of compliments and the pictures are a great memory of how much fun everyone had. Each person in the picture got a photo to keep (we chose to do 4 shots on a custom background design that matched our wedding theme, but there are different options for the format the photos come out in) and since we made this the favor, we left a frame at each person's spot to keep their photo in. We loved that this was a personalized favor that would remind our guests of the good time they had. They also printed one extra photo for the couple or group to use to make a scrapbook page in our guest book. This is one of the best memories from the wedding because we have a picture of all of guests guaranteed, some laughs from the crazy shots, and heartfelt words to look back on. After the wedding we got a flash drive with all of the individual shots and with all of the photo cards so that we can share or print extras for anyone who wanted them. We felt it was a great value for the quality service, entertainment, and memories.

Cassie ~

When my fiance and I first saw Pix N Giggles at our friends' wedding last year I really liked the setup of the booth itself. It wasn't a confined space, meaning that it allowed us to get a good amount of people in there at once, if we wanted to. I also thought that she had a really good selection of props, which made it extra fun! The photo quality and personalization on the photos was excellent, and I also really liked that everyone in the picture got their own copy, because most places don't seem to want to do that. When I got engaged, I wanted to use them for my wedding, too, but they seemed so far away in Lake Arrowhead (I'm in San Diego). After two San Diego Bridal Bazaars, two bridal showcases, and excessive internet research, I had a difficult time finding another photobooth company that was like this one. There were a couple that were similar, but either the quality of their photos/personalization wasn't great, or the booth setup itself seemed too small. Not to mention that all of their prices seemed a bit high, AND the cheapest packages available weren't offering much. I had basically given up hope, and was considering trying to do it myself by downloading a program on my computer. It wasn't really what I wanted, though. I finally decided to contact Pix N Giggles, so I could at least get an idea of what their prices might be, and I was shocked to see how much more affordable they were! Thankfully, they agreed to work with us, and have been extremely flexible! I am 100% positive that there is NO ONE out there that would be better!

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